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Parent Toolkit

Parent Toolkit

The Black Girls In Design Parental Tool Kit Volume 1. This innovative toolkit is specifically created for Afro-Caribbean parents to better understand the potential of a career in design for their children.

We understand that family opposition to a creative career choice is a significant barrier faced by many black designers. The Black Girls In Design Parental Tool Kit aims to address this issue by providing an online and order-for-print infographic that answers common queries and concerns Afro-Caribbean parents may have about the design industry.

It is important to recognize that black parents, like all parents, want their children to succeed and consider education as the path to that success. However, many black parents may view art school as a luxury, and they may not be aware of the numerous professional opportunities available in the design field.

The Black Girls In Design Parental Tool Kit Volume 1 helps to bridge this knowledge gap and offers parents a new perspective on the value of design education. By providing crucial information on the financial aspects of attending design school and the potential earnings in the industry, the toolkit aims to alleviate parental concerns and encourage open-mindedness towards creative careers.

Furthermore, the toolkit addresses the lack of design education, encouragement, and emotional support that some black students may experience from their parents. By empowering parents with knowledge and understanding, we hope to create a more supportive environment for aspiring black designers, regardless of their socio-economic background.

We invite you to explore The Black Girls In Design Parental Tool Kit Volume 1 and share it with others who may benefit from this valuable resource. Together, we can break down barriers and create a brighter future for black designers everywhere.

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