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We are Black Girls In Design

We are


Black Girls In Design is an intended solution to these aforesaid ongoing issue of lack of representation and inclusion in the creative industries. We as a community, in response to the current issues and challenges within the design industry, propose to educate women from the black communities of the UK about the viable career options in Graphics, UX and UI design. Our primary goal is to foster, promote and prepare women of colour about these career options so that the design industry get a chance to embrace the under-represented talents.

‘We are all in this together’

Black Girls in Design aims to create a platform that would not only foster the needs of black women in Britain with backgrounds in Graphic, UX and UI design but also aims to create substantial awareness amongst the Black communities about these career options. Lack of visibility of such career choices has been one of the fundamental issues behind the disparity of diversity within the creative industries. Our brand aims to deal with these barriers that are affecting the overall growth of  black female designers in the UK.

Our Values

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Create awareness of Graphic, UI, and UX design careers. Therefore, we strive to prepare them for making informed decisions about their futures. Our goal is to foster the creative potential of black girls and students of colour. We will be working with educators to broaden the curriculum so that students can be exposed to more designers of colour as part of our initiative to diversify the industry.

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Formation Of Family

As part of our efforts to form a family, we aim to support fellow black women graphic designers, UX designers, and UI designers. This will help them consolidate their position in the creative industries.

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BGID aims to create a network of opportunities for budding female Black Graphic, UX, and UI designers to establish themselves within the creative industries.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

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